What is the SST Plus CAPS curriculum?

Web-based moderate sedation training (SST) and high fidelity patient simulation-based moderate sedation training (SSTsim) constitute the approved training for CAPS users. It is enhanced with content addressing the pharmacology of propofol (i.e., SST Plus CAPS).  SST is intended to provide part of the knowledge base training for CAPS; SSTsim offers part of the skill set training. In summary:



SST and SSTsim (Plus CAPS) are NOT intended as training for:

  • Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia (except the management of rescue from these states)
  • Propofol use without the safeguards of CAPS
  • Pediatric procedural sedation
  • Resuscitation as taught in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (i.e., ACLS) courses
  • A specific discipline (NOT specialty specific)