How do I sign up for the SST course?

The sign up process for SST is different depending on whether you are an individual user, a user of an institution that has purchased licenses in bulk, or are an institution administrator who wishes to purchase licenses in bulk.  Please follow the following steps:

1. Individual or Institution? First, you must decide whether you want to sign up as an individual or an institution.  As an individual, you purchase a single license for which you may personally view the course.  As an institution, you are able to purchase one or more licenses for which you may assign the licenses to users, including yourself.  Choosing your account type is the first item in the sign up form. 

  • Individuals not associated with an institution will sign up through the SST website
  • Users in an Institution that has an institution account should wait for an e-mail invite from their Institution Administrator.  The e-mail's content will include a link to sign up and contain additional instructions.

2. Sign up. Fill out all necessary fields in the sign up form, decide if you wish to accept the terms of use, and submit.  Note that your user id will be the e-mail address you supply, so be sure to use a valid e-mail address.

3. Confirm your account.  SST will send you an e-mail to confirm your account. Check your e-mail (it may take a few minutes to arrive) and follow the instructions to confirm. If you do not see the confirmation e-mail, check your junk e-mail folder(s) or you may choose an alternative e-mail address to confirm your SST account (note: the alternative e-mail address will become your sign-in address).

4. Purchase your license(s). If you are an individual user (i.e., not a user of a particular institution that has invited you to the SST course), or if you are a institution administrator, once you have successfully confirmed your account you are now a trial user and may proceed to view the first couple of lesson modules in the SST.  If you wish to complete the entire course, you may purchase a license or a number of licenses (if you signed up as an institution administrator).