What is Safe Sedation Training?

This brief video will give you an overview of the SST course.

The Safe Sedation Training (SST)® training course provides moderate sedation training that is:


SST is focused on the knowledge base supporting moderate sedation practice in adult patients and techniques for:

  • Identifying a high-risk patient
  • Differentiating deep sedation from moderate sedation assessing the patient for responsiveness, airway adequacy, ventilation, oxygenation and circulation
  • Monitoring effectively (including capnography)
  • Rescuing a patient from deeper-than-intended sedation
  • Titrating sedatives and analgesics based on pharmacologic characteristics
  • Administering propofol with Computer-Assisted Personalized Sedation (CAPS) systems (offered only to users that need CAPS training).


SST is intended to provide part of the basis for a standardized institutional privileging process.


SST is NOT intended as training for:

  • Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia (except the management of rescue from these states)
  • Propofol use without the safeguards of Computer Assisted Personalized Sedation (CAPS)
  • Pediatric procedural sedation
  • Resuscitation as taught in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (i.e., ACLS) courses
  • A specific discipline (NOT specialty specific)